We’ve got the jewels of jewelry and some other stuff for no apparent reason

If you are thinking that we are one of those typical jewelry selling websites, you might be wrong. The last thing we want us to be called is a jewelry selling website. We offer you a wide range of everything. Everything you think will accessorize you and everything that you  will love to possess. Relax there is no shame in buying those nerdy star war action figures; we all have those impulsive purchases. Yes you read that right- we sell jewelry and star war action figures, you can also buy fishing essentials like rubber worms, hooks, fishing hooks and so much more! You think our list of quirky things has ended? Oh, my darling they have just started. Do you know we also offer backpacks cool sunglasses and some antiques? Are you thinking about what to call our website? Don't we have tried and failed? Our sunglasses are one of the best in the market and are loved by many, don't believe us? Just buy one and see for yourself. I guarantee you are never going to regret your purchase.

We have a huge selection of gold, silver, diamond jewelry. From earrings to pendants and necklaces we offer a wide range of products that you will fall in love with. We provide 100% genuine gold and diamond jewelry and you are sure to find the one you love. No matter what the occasion is we will surely have something for each of you. If you are lucky enough you might even get a 20% off discount coupon from us. We usually have tons of offers going on everyday so be sure to check us out. Even if you think that you don’t need anything you can never be too sure about that fact.

We have a 100% customer satisfaction record; we have the policy that either you will totally love it or you will get your money back for it. Infinity collection box takes pride in its customer satisfaction record and we promise to return your money back for the product you didn't like, no questions asked. You can return any jewelry within 15 days of the date of purchase. We will either offer you a replacement or will refund your money back. We won't charge you a single extra penny for it. Something you need to keep in mind before returning jewelry is that we accept it only up to 15 days of delivery. You need to pay the shipping charge for sending back the item and you will surely receive your jewelry within 1 to 2 weeks after we have received your return order. In order to return the product it needs to be unused and in its original condition and original packing. Items like gift cards, personal care items etc. cannot be returned and we will be needing a proof of purchase from you to complete the return process. Sometimes only partial refund is given in case the product has been purchased more than 30 days ago or if the product is damaged or has some missing parts. Once we have received your item and inspected it, we will let you know whether we have accepted or rejected your return via email. In case the return has not been received within 1 or 2 weeks, we advise you to contact your bank and credit card company. Refunds may get delayed in getting posted sometimes due to some technical errors. You can also email us at our corporate address, we will be more than happy to help you out. Another thing you need to keep in mind is that items that were on sale during purchase sadly cannot be returned.

We are experienced and dedicated to providing you with the best possible quality materials and at top-notch service. We are constantly working on our progress. Our unique quality material and intricate designs are something we take pride in, we are determined to deliver the best possible product at your doorsteps. We make sure that our design range offers something to everyone as we realize that not all of our tastes are the same. Our premium quality jewelry at the best possible price will leave you wanting more.

We offer free shipping on almost all jewelry and accessories and have a 24/7 support. Apart from jewelry, you will have so many options that you will be spoilt for choice. You can connect with us using Facebook Twitter or Pinterest etc. we will also show you the number of people who have viewed a certain product, the number of people who have added the product to their cart and the number of people who have purchased it. You can also read customer reviews for the product and which products are particularly liked by customers. We will have all the possible features listed in the description so that you know exactly what you are getting into. If you still have queries don't feel shy to reach to us. We use one of the best and most trusted e-commerce platforms to sell our products.